5 UMLFiT - Conclusions


This paper was extremely well written. It was easy to understand and all of the language was quick to pickup. Readability is more of a soft skill that is hard to pinpoint, but I think these techniques helped:

  • Bolded Tags It makes it easy to navigate quickly, and also serves as a quick intro to what is about to be read. Also, it enables you to quickly scan through the document.
  • Apt Analogies Using “chain thaw” to explain the process of unfreezing is immediately helpful for understanding what is truly going on without unnecessary time spent explaining.
  • Limited Greek Its always going to be faster to read the less greek there is, and the authors used only what was necessary.
  • Useful Tables The tables have a short and easy to understand point. The tables sizes are divided appropriately as to not ever have too much information in a single table.


Language Model Transfer The state of the art results are compelling to think that a universal language model is able to be used to transfer generic language understanding to be only fine-tuned to a specific application. And that with much less data than ground up.

Transfer Learning Delicacies The fine-tuning stage is not a simple plug and chug mechanism, but requires not only a single good practice, but the collection of good practices like slanted triangular learning rate and chain thaw unfreezing.